Ciaotao – 14k Pink Gold



Material: Pink Gold
Finishing: High gloss

Weight:  Approx. 1.5-5.5g

Estimated delivery in: 4 to 6 weeks

All pieces are custom made please ensure that you give us your correct size

(Contattaci se la tua misura non è nella lista)



For days I have been thinking about the Tao, then on a recent trip out I saw a Fair with all its rides, especially the Rollercoaster! In someways The Tao “defining the way” and life often being refered to as a rollercoaster, combining the two seemed inevitable creating simple lines that mimic the ups and downs of life…


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UK E (IT 2.75), UK F (IT 4), UK G (IT 5.25), UK H (IT 6.5), UK I (IT 7.75), UK J (IT 9), UK K (IT10), UK L (IT 11.75), UK M (IT 12.75), UK N (IT 14), UK O (IT 15.25), UK P (IT 16.5), UK Q (IT 17.75), UK R (IT 19), UK S (IT 20.25), UK T (IT 21.5), UK U (IT 22.75), UK V (IT 23.75), UK W (IT 25), UK X (IT 26.25), UK Y (IT 27.5), UK Z (IT 28.75)


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