The point of difference

Jewellery design has changed in the last few years with the introduction of 3d printing, creating new frontiers for design however it still has its restraints. You could be the world’s greatest 3d designer but do you have the knowledge of a goldsmith? You could even be the most sort after goldsmith but do you have a knowledge of 3d art? In most cases, the answer is no. This is where Guzzardi is different – Giuseppe Guzzardi has experience of both 11 years as a goldsmith in Rome from the late 80’s and the last 15 years in the wonderful world of visual effects. This fusion allows us to create pieces beyond the imagination with any metal and any stone be it Gem or Precious.
The aim of Guzzardi is to put the art back into jewels, allowing its wearer to stand out from the crowd. Whether you choose from the collection or choose to go bespoke.

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Jewellery design has changed

I designed Franchy’s Flower on the left back in the 90’s – working with the new tools I have you can see the difference in the precision and detailing – there is charm in both however the limitations of the 90’s are over and as a designer and goldsmith this advance is incredibly exciting…..

The Process

Each bespoke design starts with a sketch while I play with ideas or if I am clear I will start directly in a 3d sculpturing tool. As all my designs are experimental I have to prototype to see if it works – is it comfortable and wearable – this is done using a 3d printer (centre image). Once I am satisfied it will be sent to our manufacturer to be made.